The 2011 vintage
From a climatic point of view 2011 was characterised by a notable absence of rain together with frequent high temperatures over a six month period from April to October. The year began with mild temperatures and rain which brought about warm, humid conditions. But from April on, there was a notable absence of rain and a period of average temperatures until August. September temperatures were higher than expected, while rainfall remained very low, making it a very dry month. These conditions made the accumulation of sugar in the grapes difficult, due to the resulting water stress in the vines and low acidity in the grapes brought about by evaporation from the September heat. The grapes were brought in at average potential alcohol levels and in perfect health.

The harvest was early (from August 29 to September 14), and the rhythm of picking was staggered according to the ripeness of each plot.

The rhythm of the picking was staggered over a period of 3 weeks, carefully taking into account the natural acidity of the grapes of each plot. The harvest was therefore begun in the oldest plots with lower yields (Palomar and Balado) and was finished in the youngest parcels. The average yield was 60 hectolitres/hectare, and ripeness levels and balances were good. The harvest was done by hand by a crew of 30 pickers.