ZARATE is a family-owned estate located in Meaño, the heart of the Salnés Valley in the Rías Baixas appellation. The vineyard is contained within the grounds of a Pazo built in the 16th century and totally restored during the 18th. The estate’s wine philosophy, which adheres to natural viticultural methods for its century-old vines, is that each plot, with the help of carefully controlled yields, should express the true character of its terroir and grape variety.

The ZARATE tradition began in 1707 in the times of Diego Zárate y Murga, the first Marquis of Montesacro, by a decree of Philip V. Seven generations later, the Zarate family continues tending the family vineyards and making the wine.

In the 1950s, ZARATE was a pioneering influence on Albariño winemaking, introducing the vinification techniques that are successful today. Ernesto Zárate was the founder of the Cambados Albariño Fiesta and won first prize for his entries in three consecutive years -1954, 1955 and 1956. After his third triumph, he withdrew from the contest and never presented his wines again.

Since the 2000 vintage, Eulogio Pomares, Zarate’s viticulturalist and winemaker, has devoted all his time and energies to looking after the estate’s vineyard and producing its Albariño.